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Explore our unique selection of natural eco-friendly biodynamic drinks, wine and beverages. We only use the highest quality ingredients and products, predominantly from South and Northern Europe. Our aim is to avoid (as much as possible) any industrial, big brand, products. We focus our resources on ensuring we are fully familiar with the product origin, as well as production methods before we allow a product into our assortment.

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The Organic Fusion Kitchen inspired Fusion-Tea range is an artisan marble, a demonstration of great skill and handcraft. Each Fusion-Tea blend has been selected to serve a specific purpose with both a lifestyle and health dimension. Our head chefs are fully committed and driven to put their twenty-plus years of ingredients knowledge and experience to full use in designing truly masterful blends for the world to enjoy.


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      InVinoVeritas Winery

      Wine made perfect, the natural way

      We tend to quote Horace when it comes to explaining the role of wine in our assortment and why it is so important, Horace said 'wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul'. This rings true in so many ways, and wine is not only a social drink, it is a crucial ingredient in cooking as well. In wine lies the truth 'in vino veritas'.