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Explore our unique selection of natural eco-food-drink-wine. We only supply the highest quality ingredients and products, predominantly from South and Northern Europe. Our aim is to avoid (as much as possible) any industrial, big brand, products. We focus our resources on ensuring we are fully familiar with the product origin, as well as production methods before we allow a product into our assortment.

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Tandoori Masala 60g

The legendary and exotic Tandoori Masala is a globally renowned Indian spice blend, preferred in barbecue, casserole and slow cooked oven dishes. Royal-Blend Tandoori Masala is not only charming due to its intense aroma, but it actually promotes immunity and metabolism, as well as lowers inflammation in the body. This excellent spice mix can be used as a dry marinade or ingredient when slow cooking chicken, meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

9.50 €

    The perfect OFK Royal-Blend gift set compbination!

    Want to make an impression, well these spices will keep on giving, they bring the love into cooking.