Career Coaching 60min

Are you facing a planned or unexpected career change? We can help you with your recruitment needs, CV writing and interview preparation, as well as help you manage your career path in general. We teach adaptability and change management and assist in contract termination wherever necessary.

We approach each case flexibly and strive to create every opportunity for the career change to progress smoothly. If necessary we can open new doors and recommend people or businesses to talk to from our wide international network.

29.00 €

Tougher times demand more focus

Although times are quite tough on the recruitment front organising yourself is the best way forward for a seamless non-burdening transition, but whilst urgency is a virtue change these days can take some time, which is why it is important to upgrade all necessary skills associated with job hunting.

We aim to help you understand your potential and realistic operating level (the HICCS-ORBIT self-assessment program is an excellent resource for this as well), and guide you on how to face change positively without too much anxiety, stress, fear or restlessness.

When you are ready we recommend contacts and open doors to suitable channels and organisation from our own international network of recruiters, head-hunters and corporate HR professionals on all seniority levels.

International career and opportunity accelerator

If you are looking for opportunities abroad, we build you up for the challenges you might face and guide you through the job seeking challenges. We will guide you through the cultural and lifestyle changes that you would be facing and propose different solutions on how to prepare and lessen any culture shock impact.

Change and job hunting is all about positive self-image, confidence and self-esteem. We help you prepare for the interviews process and guide you how to prepare and behave in interviews. If necessary, we may support you in your transition to your new role, which can be valuable as it may help you secure your job long term.

Enabling healthy career

Career counselling is also part of our offering, which is useful for those people who have taken on a more senior role, are facing redundancy or simply are struggling to adapt to changing conditions in the workplace.

In simple terms healthy careers are built on balance, perspective, attitude, and work ethic. We can help you with workplace politics and how to deal with the employer, as well as ensure you truly own the role you have been given and ensure you learn to communicate your own value to your boss. If your aim is to achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity compared to your colleagues we can help you with this as well.

Let's get started

Why not request a call to discuss your needs for free over phone and based on this discussion we will propose the best support solution at hand.

We do also coach groups and teams, cost is determined based on group size. All our coaching is predominantly performed online using video streaming service, however on-site training is possible subject to agreement.

All discussions and consultation sessions are fully confidential and no information will be shared with outside parties.

Niklas Christides │ English, Finnish, Swedish │ +358407263558

Rocco Parisi │ Finnish, Italian │ +385958780028

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