East-Chai Tea 60g

East-Chai Tea captivates the senses with its versatility and it truly possesses the element of surprise and timelessness, as it reveals new and exciting dimensions time and time again.

This particular chai tea blend effectively supports body and metabolism whilst simultaneously nurturing both mind and soul.

8.90 €

Ingredients │ Organic sage, nettle, hibiscus, fennel, chili flakes, ginger, black pepper, ceylon cinnamon, licorice, chaga, mineral sea salt

Origin │ EU

Use │ Tea: 1/2-1 tsp per cup 150ml (brew for 10-20min) / 2-3 tsp per 1-2 litre of water or 3-5 tsp per 3-5 litre of water (we recommend long brew 1-18 hours)

Health │ The quality of tea can be determined through taste and potency in terms of health benefits and impact on body, mind and heart. Natural organic tea does not become bitter or unpleasant in taste even when brewed for longer (30min up to 48 hours for some varieties), this is a good test if you want to be sure of the quality. The longer the brew the better the fusion and health benefits. Avoid sweetening tea with sugar, organic honey is the best sweetener and even a small amount will do the trick and deepen the taste and aroma.

KnowYourIngredients Visit the KYI page or independently read up on health benefits of natural ingredients. Alternatively you can contact us directly with any specific health or brewing related questions.