Fenugreek Powder 60g

Fenugreek powder is a versatile, tasty and strong miracle spice, as well as a natural antibiotic that also supports the stomach and weight management. Fenugreek strengthens the whole body holistically and promotes appetite.

Fenugreek seeds can be used whole or ground and are popular in different Indian spice blends like Garam Masala or Five-Spice (Panch Phoran), also used in dry rubs for meat, chicken and vegetables. The seeds should be crushed using pestle and mortar for the best authentic result.

12.90 €

Ingredients │ Organic fenugreek

Origin │ EU

Tea │ 1/4 teaspoon per cup 150ml (10min brew) / 1/2 teaspoon per 1 liter of water (long brew 1-12 hours recommended)

Food │ 1/4 teaspoon per 500ml sauce, allow to simmer and fuse for 15min

Availability │ Available all year round.

Health │ The quality of herbs and spices can be felt in the taste, as well as health effects. Authentic high quality naturally dried herbs and spices should be used more scarcely due to their potency, they are much stronger compared to industrial herbs and spices.

Knowhow │ You can contact us and ask for further information regarding any of our products. We also recommend that you independently conduct further research about the products and ingredients to realise their full potential and diversity. 

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