Business Coaching 60min

'Excellence in coaching' 

Niklas has the necessary holistic insight and international experience to boost your personal or business development and restructuring needs, as well as inspire growth through brining clarity, vision and strategic insight to things

Niklas is a guide, who can help you see and realise blind spots and see what you could not see before.

Get in touch and request a 30min free chat on how I might be able to support you or your business needs or +358407263558.

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A few words by Niklas Christides

My approach to business is very pragmatic with efficiency, productivity and sustainability dominating my thinking. I started coaching in 2010 because I understood through my previous roles that I can see and understand the bigger picture, which stems back to how my career has been shaped with rapid progression in terms of seniority (was always the youngest or one of the youngest in history of my employers to land the roles I have held) and experience of working with businesses of all sizes across multiple countries, which has given me an holistic insight that is hard to rival.

I also strongly believe that we need to stay focused and grounded whilst pursuing our goals, things should be 'right and done right' and goes with everything I do, from the cost of my services to me lending a hand to people in need where I can. True and very rare un-conditional empowered leadership comes with the burden of responsibility, and not just the basic responsibility of yourself, your social life and your position, no it comes with a responsibility of progressing and protecting the world. I like speaking, coaching and teaching because I can inspire greatness in others, it is this ability that makes me feel proud and aware that I am fulfilling my destiny, the world and humanity has so much to learn and we can achieve great, but we must learn to grow, change and evolve with the times, not live in the past, I help people and businesses in exactly this aim.

Core areas of expertise (theoretical and practical knowledge)

Leadership and strategy (15+ years)

Personal development and growth (10+ years)

Human resources, recruitment practice, workforce design and co-ordination (10+ years)

Project and program management, sponsor roles, Scrum-master... (10+ years)  

Big data processing, analytics, clean-up, legacy system removal and gap analysis (10+ years)

Business governance, design, policy and infrastructure (8+ years)

Speaking, teaching, coaching and mentoring (10+ years)

Supply-chain development and management (retail, engineering, manufacturing, aviation, construction...) (15+ years)

Finance forecasting, reporting, data analytics and finance management (10+ years)

Ethics, diversity, corporate social responsibility, transparency and sustainability (8+ years)  

Business planning, setup and re-structure, change management (SME, Large, Corporate, any size) (10+ years) 

Agile and LEAN champion (SAFe, SCRUM, KANBAN...) (8+ years)