Infrastructure + Lean Process E-Coaching 40min

Is your organisation design agile, and does your process structure actually help your workforce do their work better? Key questions and in 90% of cases the answer is no. We can guide you in how to transform your infrastructure and build strong, sustainable seamless lean governance frameworks and process, how?

o We will help you paint a holistic picture of bottle necks in your organisation design and governance practice, including process quality and impact

o We help you improve your communication practice and educate on the best practice for engaging workforce and organisation in your governance process, may require structural change for it to be achievable

o We guide in simple and seamless lean process writing, implementation and positive

29,00 €

Request your free initial 20min E-Coaching video session by contacting us direct or by phone +358407263558. Meet your coach and discuss your specific coaching requirements.

Select you coach (languages):

o Niklas Christides (English, Finnish, Swedish)

Our coaching sessions are all held remotely over video link, why? Because it is convenient, affordable and flexible. Each E-Coaching video session is scheduled for 40min, you can book up to 3 sessions in a row. Please be aware that we cover as much as we can in the given time, but also recognise that one session may not be enough to inspire the necessary change or progress in your life.

Contact us on to agree your coaching slot, our booking window is from 6:00AM to 7:00PM CET (Central European Time), subject to coach availability. After the coaching has been paid you will receive a booking confirmation with a scheduled video link for your coaching session.

If you want the coaching to be as efficient as possible come prepared, you can always send us any relevant information in advance by e-mail (all information shared with us is treated and stored in confidence, we do not share any customer or client information with 3rd parties without the consent of the customer or client).