Flower Honey Croatia 450g

Often referred to as 'thousand flower honey', as it contains such a variety of different pollen. This honey is rich in minerals and has a lovely balanced composition.

Recommended for daily use and cooking, may contain small amounts of pollen.

11.90 €

Ingredients │ Organic flower honey

Origin │ EU (Croatia)

Food │ In daily use and raw form to boost health and immune system 1 - 2 tsp per day. In food 1 - 2 tsp in 500g of sauce.

Tea │ 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per cup 150ml / 2-3 teaspoon per 1 litre of tea

Availability │ Available all year round.

Health │ The quality of honey can be felt in the taste and energy distribution, as well as health effects. Authentic highest quality honey does not contain added sugar in any form, which is only achievable in regions with a long flowering season and a lot of sun (sunny days per year).

Knowhow │ You can contact us and ask for further information regarding any of our products. We also recommend that you independently conduct further research about the products and ingredients to realise their full potential and diversity. 

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