Health + Nutrition E-Coaching 40min

E-Coaching focused on health and nutrition, two subjects that are very closely linked. This coaching and consultation is designed to give you advice and suggestions on how to enhance and manage your health and wellbeing, nutritional intake, as well as increase your Quality of Life (QoL). We will discuss and consider dietary and nutritional questions and make recommendations on how these can be improved naturally.

Our approach to life, health, nutrition, wellbeing, mind etc. is holistic, all things are linked with each other and this is what we aim to teach and explain, which is why we are capable of delivering major breakthroughs that the traditional medicine and nutritional practice does not take into consideration. When we see the bigger picture we can set our aim towards a happy, content life without fear, doctors, medication etc. So, give it a go, you have nothing to lose anyway, but we can guarantee this much you will look and approach the world differently after talking to us.

When you book with us for the first time you will receive an additional 20min free of charge. Bookings need to be made over phone +358407263558, as it also provides us with the opportunity to briefly pre-discuss the circumstances and expectations of our client and explain the process. Your coach will send video link after coaching session timing has been agreed.

All discussions are held in confidence and no information will be shared with any 3rd parties.

19.00 € 39.00 €