Tailored Coaching 60min

Would you like to define your needs yourself, why not discuss it with us and setup coaching tailored to the need of a specific employee or a small team.

We have the ability to bring together different aspect from our coaching and business solutions portfolio to ensure we deliver a fit for purpose solution for you both effectively, professionally and fitting to your organisation culture.

39.00 €

Let's discuss your needs...

You can send us a free-form quotation request to info@mydvg.eu where you should notify us of the type of training package you are looking for or simply outline the requirements in terms of outcomes. We will contact you and setup a call to discuss in details any solutions we may be able to offer.

Contact our coaching team directly

Niklas Christides │ English, Finnish, Swedish │ +358407263558

Rocco Parisi │ Finnish, Italian │ +385958780028