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'Woman's empowerment, personal growth and leadership development'

Lara is an established International Leadership Trainer, Executive Coach and mentor working with women around the world, she has appeared on TEDx and has a strong public speaking track record. Lara has the ability to bring out the extraordinary in people whilst raising their confidence and level of consciousness. She is also the Co-founder of Woman 5.0, a platform to bring more "Peace", "Beauty" and "Possibility" into the world and a Board Member of Los Cuatro Almendros, a home for the elderly located in Spain currently under construction.

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Few words by Lara Khalaf

The woman's empowerment movement is not about being better or superior to men, it is not about women conquering the world... but about women conquering their own world first. Furthermore, I believe in unity, diversity and balance between the masculine and feminine energies in the workplace and the world, I seem them as integral building blocks for any successful modern organisation, as well as culturally diverse and conscious workforce. In terms of leading I promote, and talk for, heart centered leadership, I feel it is essential in that it is aimed at bringing more harmony, balance and beauty into the lives of others.

Core areas of expertise (theoretical and practical knowledge)

- Transformational leadership excellence trainingfor women

- Performance management and efficiency

- Facilitator of women empowerment programs "RISE"

- Ethical diversity speaker and mentor

- Personal growth, awareness building and career development

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