Leadership Coaching 60min

Would you like to improve your personal or team leadership skills, as well as quality of delivery, or just boost your line management capability? If so, you should talk to us.

We are seasoned leadership development and capability experts who make a difference on individual or team level. Our aim is to inspire and speed up our clients self-improvement and personal growth journey, as well as build-up both charisma and necessary soft skills to become next generation Future-Fit leaders.

49.00 €

Seeing the bigger picture

We help you familiarise yourself with core leadership skills and competencies, which in turn help us identify important internal dynamics, as well as strengths and weaknesses of both past and present leadership style and ethos. Based on this information we agree a progressive growth journey with our clients to ensure they can raise their game.

Valuable resources like the HICCS-ORBIT self-development program and HICCS-OHD Risk Management Platform may be used if needed to assist and add further value to the coaching process.

Awareness is crucial

We cannot stress enough the importance of awareness and the willingness to continuously develop oneself. This self-improvement drive is a vital and necessary force for any quality leader and especially Future-Fit leader. 

We map your present awareness level and consult you on how awareness influences results, success, and perception. It is worth remembering that awareness is absolutely crucial in building trust, communication quality, as well as inspiring and motivating others, which is important because without followers who are engaging and responding to leaders we would not need any leaders.

Let's get started

Why not request a call to discuss your needs for free over phone and based on this discussion we will propose the best support solution at hand.

We do also coach groups and teams, cost is determined based on group size. All our coaching is predominantly performed online using video streaming service, however on-site training is possible subject to agreement.

All discussions and consultation sessions are fully confidential and no information will be shared with outside parties.

Niklas Christides │ English, Finnish, Swedish │ +358407263558

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