MyStyle Tea

Customize your very own tea blend! Choose the ingredients you want and you will get a ready-made tea blend from us. Of course, you can also give it a unique and personalized name if you like.

You may choose up to 10 different ingredients from our Herbs and Spices or Berries range and our artisan chefs will create the perfect blend with the right blending ratios. List your ingredients and enter the name of your tea (max. 15 characters) into the message field whilst completing your order.

We hope that this flexibility will inspire people to try different teas, as well as provide us with new challenges to create awesome tea blends for individual needs. Tailoring your own tea is also a great option if you are suffering from health conditions or allergies, as you can choose ingredients that suit you.

Remember that a customized tea blend is also a great personalized gift!

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