Myynti Valmennus 60min

Onko ongelmia myynnin, tuottavuuden ja muuttuvien markkinaolosuhteiden kanssa?

Voimme ohjata ja tarjota näkökulmia siihen, miten voi optimoida myyntikanavat, rakentaa vahva myyntitiimi sekä muuttaa omaa toimintaa tavalla, joka edistää myyntiä orgaanisesti ja luo siten paremmat puitteet tuottavuudelle ja jatkuvalle kehitykselle.

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Productivity and continuous improvement in sales

We help organisations unlock their hidden sales potential and drive through the introduction of pragmatic understanding and utilisation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and gap analysis. This understanding helps the business to better adapt to the dynamics and requirements of the home market.

We help you map and identify your strengths and weaknesses (both organisation and workforce), and can assist in developing and implementing cost effective 360 turnaround plans. Having a realistic short and long term road map for developing internal dynamics, efficiency, productivity and infrastructure is vital for any next generation operating and sales model.

We help you see and deal with the difficult issues and areas that burden the sales performance or hold back the organisation from reaching its true sales potential. Word of warning, sales is deeply rooted into culture, strategy and values of the core business, which is why any realistic long term successful sales strategy takes time to implement and reach stability. Most organisations simply push too hard and as a result run down their workforce in the process, which is why the key for long term sales success lies in the ability to be well ahead of a solid plan whilst nurturing the organisation to adapt to the requirements at a steady pace.

Sales success requires strong leadership

Naturally we will help you upgrade your leaders and leadership in their understanding on how to lead their sales force effectively, and how to keep them motivated and driven. Top quality sales people can be developed, but they are a different breed of people in terms of tenacity and ability to push themselves well beyond what ordinary people are able to stomach.

This is why great sales people do not come free, they need to be supported by Future-Fit leadership and management practice. They require leadership that understands the importance of maintaining the necessary and wide enough sales environment for the sales force to stay driven and focused. Sales is about carrots, but the carrots need distributing internally and externally for sales success. We will assist in identifying and developing solutions for leadership to cope with increasingly challenging market conditions and assist them in acquiring the necessary vision to stay ahead of the game, because without it your salesforce will over time turn its back on you and this is where the business loses out massively.

Let's get started

Why not request a call to discuss your needs for free over phone and based on this discussion we will propose the best support solution at hand.

We do also coach groups and teams, cost is determined based on group size. All our coaching is predominantly performed online using video streaming service, however on-site training is possible subject to agreement.

All discussions and consultation sessions are fully confidential and no information will be shared with outside parties.

Niklas Christides │ English, Finnish, Swedish │ +358407263558

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