Propolis Drops Immunity 20ml

Propolis is a natural antibiotic with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Water soluble drops are suitable for adults and kids from 2 years and above. Enhances immunity and fights cold, flue and viruses naturally.

Can be used internally and externally, 5-10 drops per day, young children up to 5 drops per day to fight symptoms. 2-3 drops per day to maintain strong immunity. If prone to allergies it is always best to test with a small amount in the beginning and increase the dosage slowly.

12.90 €

Ingredients │ Purified water, fructose, glycerol, propolis, honey, niacin

Origin │ EU (Croatia)

Note │ This is a potent products, start with small amounts to allow the body to get used to product.

Dosage │ In daily use 2-4 drops per day. For intense 2-3 week treatment 5-15 drops per day (then take 2 week break). For children age 7+ half the dosage compared to adults, and for children 2-6 years old 1-2 drops per day.

Availability │ Available all year round.

Health │ The quality of bee products can be felt in the energy distribution, as well as health effects. Authentic highest quality bee products do not contain added sugar in any form, and this is only achievable in regions with a long flowering season and a lot of sun (sunny days per year).

Knowhow │ You can contact us and ask for further information regarding any of our products. We also recommend that you independently conduct further research about the products and ingredients to realise their full potential and diversity. 

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