Soft Skills Coaching 60min

These days, soft skills are more important than we even understand, they are seen as a crucial element for measuring suitability and matching people to organisations. Soft skills hold major weight compared to hard skills, which is why they have such a massive influence on our careers and career paths.

We are here to help you better understand and develop your own soft skills and competency profile, and to learn about the dynamics that make up who you are.

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What are soft skills?

In simple terms soft skills are non-technical interaction and communication skills, although some skills have part-technical attributes and dimensions. Soft skills could be described as triggers and enablers for effective and harmonious interaction between single people, groups and crowds.

Soft skills are the future, because as humanity evolves what we have deep inside is becoming more and more important than the shallow crust like learnt hard skills. Nearly anyone, if given the right learning environment, can learn almost any hard skill, which is why companies choose to educate these skills themselves, however what you cannot teach and educate as easily are soft skills.

People who invest in understanding their own soft skills, strengths and weaknesses, not only gain from the awareness growth, they deliver a major statement of intent, as they will be more attractive to businesses in the near- and long-term future.

Staying ahead of the game...

It is important to understand the expectations from industry and society, and what you should focus on in terms of your personal growth to better meet these expectations. We will help you optimize your soft skills profile through coaching supported by our HICCS-ORBIT soft skills program, which is based on the 6-20 Revolution Soft Skills Competency Framework.

Knowing your soft skills profile dynamics in terms of strengths and weaknesses will provide you with competitive edge and advantage compared to your colleagues and peers, why? Because very few people have the necessary patience and willingness to invest their perceived precious time into mapping and understand their professional, holistic and especially soft skills development.

Let's get started

Why not request a call to discuss your needs for free over phone and based on this discussion we will propose the best support solution at hand.

We do also coach groups and teams, cost is determined based on group size. All our coaching is predominantly performed online using video streaming service, however on-site training is possible subject to agreement.

All discussions and consultation sessions are fully confidential and no information will be shared with outside parties.

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