Tailored Coaching 60min

Would you like to define your needs yourself, why not discuss it with us and setup coaching tailored to the needs of a specific employee or a small team.

We have the ability to bring together different aspects from our coaching and business solutions portfolio to ensure we deliver a fit for purpose solution for you both effectively, professionally and fitting to your organisation culture and dynamic.

49.00 €

Let's discuss your needs...

You can send us a free-form quotation request to info@mydvg.eu where you should notify us of the type of training or coaching package you are looking for or simply outline the requirements in terms of outcomes. We will contact you and setup a call to discuss in details any solutions we may be able to offer.

Niklas Christides │ English, Finnish, Swedish │ +358407263558

Rocco Parisi │ Finnish, Italian │ +385958780028

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Leadership Coaching 60min

Would you like to improve your personal or team leadership skills, as well as quality of delivery, or just boost your line management capability? If so, you should talk to us. We are seasoned leadership development and capability experts who make a difference on individual or team level. Our aim is to inspire and speed up our clients self-improvement and personal growth journey, as well as build-up both charisma and necessary soft skills to become next generation Future-Fit leaders.

49.00 €

    Courage Coaching 60min

    Courage should not be taken for granted, as it is an increasingly difficult skill and attitude to acquire, why? Because, society is pushing for life to become more and more pre-planned and predictable, simple and let's face it just plain easy.  Courage coaching focuses on strengthening self-image, communication, facing up to people and challenges, as well as empowering people to trust, believe, and most importantly be proud of who and what they are.

    39.00 €