Young Gun Coaching 60min

Personal coaching for young people under the age of 26, which aims to support and help create clarity about one's own weaknesses, strengths, competencies, abilities and potential.

This HICCS coaching prepares young people to face up to challenges and find their own path to both success and happiness in life.

19.00 €

Focus on life skills is integral in life

The coaching does naturally focus on life skills and the art of clarifying practical issues and addressing general problems and questions in life. Life skills as a concept are semi-standardised, some apply to all, others apply to some, and whilst there are many people supporting young people out there we doubt that many will provide as comprehensive support as we do.

Our aim is to cover subjects like communication and networking, optimising of education, job search techniques, quality of life and how to create a professional image of yourself inside and outside of the work environment. Addressing skills gaps and key subjects impacting day to day life are holistically relevant and will make a difference, but obviously our coaching is always client and customer specific, which is why we will work on identifying the best possible coaching setup and support.

We must put our fate in young people

Young people are our future and we all have a responsibility to share our own skills and experiences with the younger generation. Without it progress and development will stall and in time come to a stop. If we would allow such negligence to exist in our ranks we would not be worthy of coaching anyone in the first place, so it is a real test of our integrity as well to commit to this cause.

We believe that helping young people understand themselves and their potential is a good deed for the future of humanity. We hope this service will also act as a wakeup call to the rest of society to start considering what is truly important outside of the commercial spectrum, like supporting young people develop and grow.

Let's get started

Why not request a call to discuss your needs for free over phone and based on this discussion we will propose the best support solution at hand.

We do also coach groups and teams, cost is determined based on group size. All our coaching is predominantly performed online using video streaming service, however on-site training is possible subject to agreement.

All discussions and consultation sessions are fully confidential and no information will be shared with outside parties.

Niklas Christides │ English, Finnish, Swedish │ +358407263558

Rocco Parisi │ Finnish, Italian │ +385958780028

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