Partnership & Retail

Together we are more

We strongly believe in the strength of co-working and partnership, and we want to bring the world a new more dynamic retail model. Things we value and consider when shaping new partnerships:

[+] Win-win thinking that aims to bring benefits for all parties involved

[+] Sustainability in terms of business model and approach, which means that businesses need to build towards long term operations

[+] Openness to work and share necessary knowledge and information to aid the consortium forward, transparent operations

[+] Wanting to aid people is a must, the ability to care and be genuine, for us this is in our DNA, regardless of what we do we want people to grow and feel that we care about them

[-] Oldschool thinking, business and values, there is no space for old, slow, corrupt models and practice, only forward thinking businesses will be considered, and partners need to be ready to adopt their style of working to integrate with our philosophy

[-] Money centered greedy people or companies are not welcome, as we look to develop a positive, not negative, co-working environment with progressive minded people and companies

If you feel that your values and products or services meet our expectations please get in touch, we are very open to partnership suggestions.

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