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Pure Organic Mineral Bliss

Pure organic sea salt provides us with more than 90% of all necessary minerals

Salts or in other words minerals are crucial building blocks for life and therefore the balance of body, mind and soul. Without salt, other substances such as vitamins and fats are not able function and perform their duties in an optimal way. Our high-quality salt always contains at least 50 different minerals and trace elements. The healthiest form of salt in the world is called flower of salt or fleur de sel, which contains over 80 different minerals. The iodine contained in our unrefined sea salt comes from the seaweed present in the Adriatic sea, other important minerals include zinc, bromine, potassium and magnesium.

"Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea."


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Knowing Your Salt Is Important!

High quality salt is real a taste experience. Mineral-rich (non-industrial) salt is not just a healthy salt, but it actually lifts and enhances the natural flavours of the different ingredients used in food and drinks.

'Adriatic salt is so pure, that it opens the doors to culinary heaven.'

Rocco Parisi

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Why should you choose our salt?

Minerals are absolutely vital for our body, mind, nervous system etc. Unfortunately most of the salt available to people in grocery shops is industrial and only contains a fraction of the minerals that the body requires, which is partly so that people can be told to eat more supplements, as well as due to the fact that especiallty greedy corporate companies extract and harness all the high value minerals like gold and remove them out of the salt.

It is worth acknowledging that in an ideal state our body requires around 120 minerals out of which over 80 can be ingested through salt. Mark our words, high quality salt is one of the smartest long term investments you will ever make.