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Our service offering is quite diverse, why? Because we see life as one organic process, there is for instance no separation of work and social life, or of physical and spiritual reality, as everything is interlinked and finite in life. In both these cases it is ignorant and primitive to claim otherwise, and it demonstrates major lack of openness and awareness towards life. 

To people and businesses, who cannot understand such realities we do not recommend working with us, because flow and common understanding would be near to impossible to establish.

We focus on and only work with business and people with clear and pure win-win mindset, anything else is simply a waste of time and space. Being open about our values and mindset is respectful to the world, as we do not want to waste anyones time and neither should you.

'Values, intent and vibration have to match for truly great things to take shape in this world.'

Niklas Christides

If you are still reading this and interested, great news, as it probably means that we could create something amazing together, something truly worthy of this world, so do get in touch and lets see where life takes us next.

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Raising awareness and vibration globally

UNIQU is all about self-actualization, the ability to look deep into the mirror and discover our true self. With our SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life theory, different self-actualization tools and mastermind coaching support one may boost their own abilty to discover and strengthen the deep connection to our higher self.

A fairytale story that will help you self-actualize and unearth your hidden potential

The SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life theory provides structure and guides one through the different stages of holistic and spiritual growth with the ultimate aim to break free from dependent lifestyle in return for freedom to experience our life fully as free beings.

Unleashing the collective power of creativity

Quality Of Life (QOL) is a central subject for us, because it helps us continously improve, as people, as well as collectively and as a business that seeks to serve the greater goof of mankind.

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