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Creating Happiness

How did it all start and where are we heading...

Our story began with the natural and herb store Yrtti-Kippari (later Nature and You), which was taken over by Monica Christides in 2008. The story took a new turn when Monica's son Niklas Christides and his Italian friend Rocco Parisi, both passionate chefs and advocates of sustainable lifestyle and healthy living. Niklas and Rocco decided to register Dolce Vita Global, as an import-export company in 2014, into which Nature and You later merged.

Over time, the DVG founders chose to change the direction of the business by abandoning natural supplements and focusing on healthy ingredients, food and drink, as well as the promotion of all things supporting a physically and spiritually healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Planting Of The Seed

Dolce Vita Global was founded in 2014 by Niklas Christides and Rocco Parisi. The founding duo is behind all the pioneering inspiration and innovation you see today. These masterminds have also laid a solid ethical foundation and principles for the CreatingHappiness philosophy, that is central for DVG.

Niklas and Rocco have always had a passion for high quality food, wine, handcraft and everything related things that allow the world to become more organic and self-sustainable. Life is not about how well we perform, it is about detaching and letting go to live a life that supports our spiritual values. Life is about finding happiness and enjoying the journey, which can be boosted through maintaining a healthy lifestyle and quality of life (QOL). Ever since Niklas and Rocco met in Helsinki in 1996, they have discussed and shared ideas on how to create a framework and an opportunity for people to live better, more meaningful and holistically healthier lives, in time DVG became the result manifested through these discussions.

They also pondered for a long time how and when the business should start, and interestingly, it took almost twenty years from their intial meeting before they felt ready to launch DVG. In the end, the suitable moment and opening arose and this is when in 2014 the official journey to assist in the healing of both the world and people began.

Big Bang

Things really took a significant leap forward in 2014, when Niklas and Rocco met in Croatia and began to genuinely explore the possibility and play with the idea of ​​setting up DVG. At this point, they focused on importing a variety of organic foods and lifestyle products from small producers in Croatia and Italy. In addition to all the preparation, the big question was whether there would be a real niche for the DVG concept. The key to the concept from the beginning was diversity, Rocco living in Croatia and regularly visiting Italy (managing the supply channels) and Niklas who was living in the UK and regularly visting Finland (operational control and sales) enabled them to jointly engage in international trade (import, wholesale and direct sales) in different countries, which became the backbone of the business.

Niklas and Rocco visited several vineyards and local producers throughout Croatia throughout 2014, which eventually inspired them to implement their plans and set up DVG, whose core business included organic food and beverages, as well as health products. Over time, they also wanted to move towards own production of organic wine, gin, cider and beer, out of which surfaced the InVinoVeritas brand.

DVG initially started by supplying salt and tea to Nature and You (NaY) health stores in Helsinki, which had been set up about 7 years earlier by phytonomist Monica Christides. The Nature and You (family company), was already operational managed by Niklas and NaY eventually fully merged with Dolce Vita Global in 2017. In this sense, DVG is largely a family business and the history of Nature and You also plays a very important role as a source of know-how and tradition, although both Niklas and Rocco have made it clear that DVG seeks to operate on the basis of strong holistic and pure values ​​rather than running the company like a family business based on family values (high risk for conflict and corruption over time). 

It is unfortunate that all too often, family businesses are haunted by unnecessary conflicts, and that is why very few family businesses ever reach their true potential. The aim was to avoid such problems, because in the long run they might affect customers and partners in a negative way.

International Focus

A lot of time has passed since the setup and launch of DVG and obviously the business has diversified and renewed itself drastically over the years, searching for its place in the world both as an physical and spiritual entity. In addition to the food and beverage side provided through Nature and You, we decided to expand our product assortment to include specialist natural beauty and skincare, as well as wellness products (RadiantPeople). The other significant evolution was the adding of well-being, career development and business services, as well as coaching (HICCS). In 2020 we also created the MyLife video summit concept to enhance our sharing of information. Furthermore, we have the ambition to add a range of high vibration handcraft and books, as well as selected art section (GalacticGeneration).

Perhaps on of the most interesting parts of our evolution includes us finally completed the initial testing phases of our organic berry wines (InVinoVeritas). In 2023 we aim to launch a small batch of exclusive wines that can only be ordered direct. The last major leap will be the expansion and development of our own production line for dried berries, herbs, spices, vegetables and mushrooms. This moves will ensure we can offer a 100% truly pure organic fusion products, which meet our high quality and durability standards.

In addition, we are actively expanding and seeking suitable investors and partners to further diversify the DVG concept and things like HIVE community and LifeStyleFarm (LSF) initiatives. The LSF The project is interesting as it aims to combine tourism, accommodation, healthy food and drink, as well as all our service solution to form a unique state of the art lifestyle experience for people. We have really exciting times ahead of us and we are doing everything we can to make the world a more sustainable place and to give people inspiration, energy and natural tools for conquering the various challenges in life.

Multidimensional Approach

Niklas is a true visionary and multi-tasker who understands the multidimentional aspect of nature and the universe. Niklas has seen and experienced a lot in many different fields, industries and counturies, and his inital company HICCS has therefore been brought in to support DVG operational management and development.

Niklas founded HICCS in 2013 after leaving Rolls-Royce, where he was known as a creative dynamo in the business management community and a developer of seamless agile methods. HICCS focuses on innovation and awareness providing a range of solutions and coaching services to help both business and individuals to grow. It is largely due to Niklas' expertise why the core of DVG is so holistic and whilst both Niklas and Rocco understood the challenges with offering a holistic concept, which would conflict with peoples level of awareness of how society can be understood it was the right choice. DVG has always been about the future, about being Future-Fit, to serve people when the collective awarness and spiritual growth eventually takes place, it is this vision that keeps us going and it also ensures that our values remain pure.

HICCS has brough plenty of focus on improvin our B2B perspective and approach. DVG self-sustainability is also largely due to the HICCS tools, solutions and management know-how.

Seamless lean agile solutions and expertise are essential for DVG to stay sustainable and future-fit and it ensures the business can evolve organically without any major challenges or risks creating friction. This also ensures we can focus better on bringing to market genuine highest quality products and services at the right price.

The Bigger Picture

At the centre of DolceVitaGlobal one can find a creative heart and soul that is free and largely detached from soceity, norms, trends and other things that we feel are counterproductive to organic evolution. We see ourselves as organic efficiency enthusiasts, which is truly reflected in everything we do from start to end. Niklas has had a saying for a long time, 'if you feel you can't do it, learn'. Being pro to change and wanting to learn new things is expansion and evoltuions, it is the gift given to humans. Only through learning (self-actualiztion) can we expand our awareness and ultimately connect with our soul, which will set us free, it is that simple actually.

Niklas and Rocco believe that a company can only be truly managed and developed if it understands all levels of operations and has a spirit. This is why you will find them rather cooking in the kitchen or picking berries than looking after operational duties, as a business should not restrict our being in any form. They also do this because they want to understand things, evolve, create and inspire the world. Creative people are not afraid to do things themselves, they want to lead by example and demonstrate to the world that the best products and solutions require heart, commitment, resiliance, self-belief and continuous improvement mindset. We hope our customers and partners will feel and raise their game to the same level of respect for nature and the universe and creation.

As we mentioned earlier, for us (Niklas and Rocco), food and drink is a passion and a way of life, and highlights the importance and commitment to our QualityOfLife (QOL) thinking, which is central to our business. This is why we are so passionate about trying to fully own and not offload our supply chain (as you probably can guess this means avoiding use of middle-men and intermediaries, which not only important for quality and integrity, but also for profitability and continuity). Direct contact and cooperation with producers, as well as in-house production supports the development of our know-how and understanding through open dialogue. It also ensures we fully understand and approve with the production methods. In addition, we can bring customers detailed information and stories about production and the producer. This is deep root real added value, information that can only be obtained by building strong bonds and long-term cooperation based on trust.

We think it's important to educate people about food and drink and the positive effects healthy organic ingredients have on our lives (body, mind, heart and soul) and therefore we have OrganicFusionKitchen (OFK) to share recipes and knowledge, so that our customers can start evoling their own understanding and practice in the kitchen. In our opinion, a good customer experience also includes social and community experience. The DVG-LIFE Nature Blog is another example of an initiative to create better interaction between people and DVG, it is a way to bring us all closer to nature and its many wonders, and we do it because we want to share information on topics that matter to people.


We believe in community and communal thinking, the power of good in people and, of course, loyalty. We do our best to stay true to our values, which is why we promise to keep evolving and progressing to safeguard the quality of our production, products and services. High standards is a mindset, not just a process, and for us this is crucial, it is what determines if we are credible or not.

The more our customers show loyalty, constructively challenge and support us the better we will be at what we do. We need all our customers and partners, and we are not affraid to show it, those who believe and support us should and will always be recognised. 

Community and communal activity is important for evolution and direction, and therefore we strive to be the very best and greatest inspiration for the surrounding environment in everything we do. In time we hope this is something that the wold will be able to enjoy, but we are not rushing, things will fall into place when the time is ripe.

We are currently developing a DVG-HIVE membership section for our followers through which we can offer them a variety of tailored solutions and customized offers.

Career Path

We have learned the hard way what is important and essential in life, including success. At first, we believed that the success of a business is based on doing things in line with government and serving society (customers). Over the years we have understood that this is a flaw, as such actions, serving someone and following orders that do not serve the greater good is not progressive, it is actually destructive. We, as most businesses still today, were blind to the fact that modern society and the forms of government and governance keep us rooted in low energy and vibration, which can never lead to anything progressive in the long run.

We are therefore always following our own path, and it has highlighted some very key themes in terms of maintaining long-term sustainable operations. One key is partnering, not hiring. We no longer see hiring people as a progreesive step, we work with entrepreneurs because they understand win-win mentality, as Niklas tends to say 'in order to earn something you must first learn to produce value'. People and organisations who want to do good, create a better tomorrow, and develop a happier and more sustainable world, should feel empowered to contact us because it is likely that we can find a ways of working together.

No worries however, you don't have to be a self-employed person to talk to us, we support partners in this process and we aim to find workable solutions. If you want to get your foot in the door, we always consider people for different types of volunteer projects. If any of this is of interest to you, please get in touch info@mydvg.eu and let us know why we should consider you. We are open to all people, regardless of nationality, race or outlook in life, location, religion, etc. and most importantly, we don't see educational background in any way or form as integral to partnership; experience, energy, spirituality, own values, big heart and determination are the most important things in the DVG world.

Our Values

Our slogan 'CreatingHappiness' is the simplest way of communicating what we are striving to achieve. We want to inspire people to get the most out of life, which, according to our teachings, requires a balance of a healthy body, mind heart, and soul, supported by a settled ego that manifests itself as a positive stream of energy. This is also the basis for our revolutionary UNIQU Coaching concept and SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life theory.

We respect the world's magnificent cultural diversity, as well as every human being, and whilst life has a light and dark side, man can no doubt be one of the greatest gifts life has managed to produce. We hope that people will share our enthusiasm and want to be involved in building a truly unique future, a future that will change our understanding of what quality of life, freedom, health, love and happiness really are.

Finally, some of our customers are disappointed that we do not currently have physical stores, but we would like to emphasize that this decision is a conscious choice to safeguard the existence and continuity of Dolce Vita Global. Everything our actions represent, all the work and sacrifices we have made along the way to provide people with unique products and services requires us to keep making smart (sometimes hard) decisions and be aware of how to succeed organically without unnecessary stress or carrying too many risks.

Times are challenging and the trade sector in particular is suffering and will continue to suffer. Any stores would also take us away from our goal to be a solution for all people, not individual areas. That's why we work hard to create an online store and functional web presence, and of course, we will do all we can to create different types of collaboration opportunities and events that can help us and our partners bring their products and services to people in a positive, respectful and constrcuctive way. 

We would like to remind you that we are open and reachable, you can always talk to us, all you have to do is pick up the phone or e-mail us.