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The UNIQU concept is based on SOULFLOW theory, which aims to understand and explain the relationship between human existence and the spiritual soul entity. We believe that the human body (avatar) or any other physical entity acts as a vessel or temporary home for our soul designed to enable personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth through something we call *The Life Experience. All life is in turn governed by the *rebirth cycle, which ensures we can keep evoling our understanding of the universe at large.

Intuition connects us with the source

*The Life Experience is influenced by our ability to work with our intuition, which teaches us about causality (the relationship between cause and effect), as well as the role, relationship and vibration between heart (love and purity) and ego (selfishness and ownership over both matter and beings).

Lifeforce is our fuel

The SOULFLOW platform provides us with a means of better explaining the human journey and its many stages from birth to ego growth to spiritual transition and eventually transcendence to the source. We split *The Life Experience into two worlds, material existence experienced through body and mind, and spiritual dimensions experienced through heart and soul.

The Life Experience (TLE)

School of life and the different stages of experience, growth and enlightment...

Soulspark (Butterfly stage)

The process of rebirth and entry into the material world. Birth, childhood and early life experience

Ego Awakening (Falcon stage)

Ego formation and feeding stage. Ego power buildup with focus on wants and needs influenced by external factors, especially opportunities to increase power and dominate how life goes. Ego seeks to redefine personal values and use threats as reason to create coping strategies. Adapting to surroundings and environment driven by ego more than heart, type of upbringing crucial in this dynamic.

Ego Maturity (Crow stage)

Dominant ego stage where strong egocentric values, power hunger, ambition, career, temptation, relationships and networks, as well as material possession are heavily influencing our perception of self. Ego creates the illusion of safety and security through use of psyche and mind.

Ego Enlightenment (Owl stage)

Relationship building between heart and ego, ego relaxes and starts to slowly let go, ego plays with the idea that our heart can keep us safe and secure.

Spiritual Awakening (Phoenix stage)

Spiritual growth and realisation, as ego lessens its grip more and more, the spiritual world opens up and becomes part of our day to day life.

Spiritual Maturity (Dragon stage)

State where ego has largely settled and accepted that our heart and soul represent who we are and our true identity, which in turn allows us to tap into universal insight, knowledge and existence.

BUTTERFLY │ Soulspark

In our SOULFLOW-theory the butterfly cocoon stage represents the process of birth and signing of *The Life Experience contract. This is the stage of reincarnation and bonding with the given human form (avatar). We call this stage Soulspark, as it is the beginning of the human soul journey and metamorphosis from cocoon to winged butterfly. The butterfly in its form is very light and fragile, and it represents quite accurately the early life of humans where we are dependent on others and learning to get to grips with ourselves.

Mythology │ The ancient philosopher Aristotle gave the butterfly the name psyche (Greek word for soul) and many ancient cultures do associate butterflies with the human soul. The metamorphosis of butterflies is one of the true mysteries of nature. The ability to change form from the crawling caterpillar to the flying adult is truly magical. In ancient mythology the butterfly has also been a symbol of rebirth, renewal, transformation and hope.

FALCON │ Ego Awakening and Maturity

Associates us with love (human not spiritual), sex, fertility, war, power, riches, beauty and possession. Falcons are light much similar to the butterfly, but they are more agile, mobile, fast and focused, as well as better adjusted to cope with the world at large. The dominant influence of ego is represented through the stronger wings, as well as body and sharp eyesight designed to fly, explore and prey on the world to seek out beneficial outcomes for oneself.

Mythology │ Falcons have acted as symbols of God's prophet and were nurtured as pets. In ancient Rome the Falcon is present when an eagle is set to fly in flames as a symbol of carrying the dead emperor to heaven.

CROW │ Ego Maturity

The crow symbolizes self-centeredness, greed and power. This state of being is very superficial and heavily controlled by ego with heavy focus on ambition and success no matter what. One very typical behaviour associated with this stage is the idea that everything and anyone can be sacrificed if it drives one's own interest in the game of life. In this stage we are also pro temptation, in other words easily tempted corruptible mind. We also tend to entertain toxic energy-consuming relationships, networks and friendships. The desire for possession and ownership of materia, people, environment is very high and hard to let go off, it is commonly seen as the 'the only way forward'. This obsession allows the ego to create a string of illusions to trick us into believing and feeling safe and balanced in life.

Mythology │ Crows are often associated with greed, deceit and possession, they have appeared in a number of different mythologies over time. In some cultures these black-feathered birds are considered an omen of bad tidings, however in others, they may represent a message from the Divine.

In the Appalachian mountains, a low-flying group of crows means that illness will strike, however if a single crow flies over a house and calls three times it means an impending death in the family. Despite being seen as messengers of doom or challenges, it is considered bad luck to kill a crow. If one did kill a crow by accident it should be buried whilst wearing black clothes.

In Celtic mythology, the warrior goddess and bringer of death known as the Morrighan tends to appear in the form of a crow and meant that she is watching or getting ready to pay someone a visit.

OWL │ Ego Enlightenment

The owl stage is associated with awareness, realisation, connection, appreciation and relationship to nature, as well as seamless, sustainable and balanced organic life. Owls understand and start to feel the dark side of life, as well as places where the falcon is largely blid to the spiritual side of life. The owl has faced its shadow side and although not fully capable of understanding it has learned to operate in realms in parallel with the ego. The owl still sees the material world as its playground rather than spiritual dimensions.

Mythology │ Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and she was often portrayed with an owl as her companion. In a story by Homer Athena gets totally fed up with the crow, who is a relentless prankster, takes nothing seriously. She ends up banishing the crow as her sidekick and instead seeks out a new companion, the Little Owl (Athene noctua). Impressed with the owl's wisdom, and levels of seriousness, Athena chooses the owl to be her mascot instead. Even coins were minted with Athena's face on one side, and an owl on the other, that is how deeply connected these two entities were with each other.

There are a number of Native American legends about owls, most of which related to their association with prophecy and divination. The Hopi tribe held the Burrowing Owl as sacred, believing it to be a symbol of their god of the dead. As such, the Burrowing Owl, called Ko'ko, was a protector of the underworld, and things that grew in the earth, such as seeds and plants. This species of owl actually nests in the ground, and so was associated with the earth itself.

The Inuit people of Alaska have a legend about the Snow Owl, in which Owl and Crow are making each other new clothes. Crow made Owl a pretty dress of black and white feathers. Owl decided to make Crow a lovely white dress to wear. However, when Owl asked Crow to allow her to fit the dress, Crow was so excited that she couldn't hold still. In fact, she jumped around so much that Owl got fed up and threw a pot of lamp oil at Crow. The lamp oil soaked through the white dress, and as a result Crow has been black ever since.

PHOENIX │ Spiritual Awakening

The Phoenix stage is where the magic starts to happen. There is a strong connection, openness and great appreciation for the spiritual heart and soul dimensions. This stage can be best understood as a holistic shift and type spiritual rebirth. Phoenix could described as the self combusting owl that was reborn as a majestic Phoenix from the ashes. The fire being symbolic to the life energies that burn those parts of us that aren't pure and aligned with the growth we are now pursuing, the journey of discovering who we truly are. The glowing phoenix bird is radiant, emotional and aware that beyond the ego and material realm lie other spiritual dimension, full of potential and mysticism.

Mythology │ The Phoenix was a mythical bird and according to some myths it lived in 500 year cycles. As their lifecycle draws to its conclusion, the Phoenix builds a nest and as it sits on the nest, it spontaneously combusts and catches fire, after which a young Phoenix rises from the ashes to replace the old one. Hence the Phoenix is seen as a symbol of hope, regeneration, renewal and the continuity of life, as well as rebirth.

The phoenix was believed to have originated in Arabia, and later became the mythical bird of Egypt and more specifically renowned as the mythical bird of the city of sun, Heliopolis, where it was sacred.

There are various interpretations of how it was represented. Sometimes it was seen as being similar to an eagle, yet sometimes like a heron. Its plumage was red and gold, and the phoenix was believed to have been born in the sun. When it died, it did so in Heliopolis, the temple of the sun. To some scholars the Phoenix represents the cycle of the sun where it sets and rises. Others see it as representing the immortality of the human soul that undergoes renewal through the continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

DRAGON │ Spiritual Maturity

When the Phoenix is ready to gear up and step into the next stage of its development, it realizes that the radiance and fire outside actually originates from deep within. This internal and eternal fire can create processes that empower other beings to go through their phoenix process. As this process of self-realisation takes place the Phoenix grows into the fire breathing dragon that harnesses, protects and distributes lifeforce. The Dragon also learns to work with, as well as protect the Akashic Records to ensure the book of life does not fall into the wrong hands.

Mythology │ The role of dragons in mythology depend largely on the ancient culture they are associated with and appear in. In European mythology, dragons are often sinister creatures that must be overcome or outwitted. In the cultural myths of China and Asia dragons often represent strength, protection, and power. In some legends Dragons are elementals or earth-spirits, even gods. Dragons in mythology tend to possess supernatural powers, providing blessings and support to heroes and kings who can defeat or ally themselves with them.

The word 'dragon' comes from the ancient Greek word 'draconta', meaning 'to watch or oversee', suggesting that dragons guard and protect treasure and riches, but not earthly riches such as gold and gems, but rather ancient information and universal knowledge.

UNIQU Definitions

*The Life Experience (TLE) = Intuition governed material and timebound dimensions designed for gathering experiences and behavioral insight

*Rebirth Cycle = Life if linked to rebirth, and the stage between life and rebirth is what we call release and confirmation, what has been learn and experienced is send back into the **Akashic Records. Rebirth constantly takes place even in human avatars at a cellular level, cell die and regenerate. The rebirth cycle is determined and governed by complexity, this is why even stars have rebirth cycles. Rebirth is not only part of material existence, but also crucial in spiritual realm, which is why each soul has its own rebirth cycle and dynamic.

**Akashic Records = Field of energy that holds past, present, and future records of all things. Akasha means ether, something being communicated, elementally or metaphysically. Akashi records are based on energy and information, which is governed and communicated through quontum waves. The Akashic Records are often referred to as the 'book of life' for each individual and they hold records of each thought, word, intent, emotion and deed from point of origin to end of time. The Akashic Records also hold information about the souls purpose, callings, talents and lessons, and each soul has the ability to tap into its own record through its unique frequency. Our intent to heal ourselves will allow access to the parts of the Akashic Records we are ready to associate with. When access to the Akashic Records has been granted we also receive the energy of divine love to guide us on our journey. Because the Akashic Records are very sacred we must ensure we do our bit and put to practice what we learn from these records. It is this universal contract we must honor at all times, because these sacred seeds of light and knowledge are given to us for us to nurture when the time is right. To work with information from the Akashic Records needs to be seen as something beyond duty and responsibility, it is a type of confirmation from the source and divine placing trust in our ability and maturity to carry and understand the deeper purpose of life and existence on a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level.

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