UNIQU | Partners

Find the right kind of specialist for your Self-actualization journey

Self-actualization can be difficult, because it forces us to face ourselves to understand who we really are deep inside. All our blocks, trauma, illusions, unhealthy selfishness and other hookups created by our ego and superego keep us in the dark, blinded so that we cannot see and especially feel our being 'higher self'.

Our UNIQU Partners have gone through the UNIQU Partner Certification process, which includes training of SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life model, as well as teachings on how to utilise our SAM (Self-Actualization Mirror), and ORBIT (Awareness-Vibration-Connectivity Test). These tools together with the specific specialisation of our partners, their knowledge, experience and understanding of specific niche subjects promotes and enables constructive organic personal growth.

Life is all about healthy exchange, creating authentic win-win moments, and this is why our Partners have been carefully selected. As our partners work with their clients they raise their own vibration and awareness and this interaction obviously contributes to the personal holistic growth of clients as well (win-win relationship).

The UNIQU model is also designed to upgrade itself through understanding the impact. Having dialogue with our partners and their clients helps us understand how we can better communicate the SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life theory, so that people would get the optimal self-actualization experience.

'Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situation that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals and self worth'