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Universal Self-Actualization Journey

"Freedom cannot be bestowed. It must be achieved."

Elbert Hubbard

Welcome to our unique new age holistic self-actualization and empowerment concept focused on strengthening your spiritual connection and connectivity regardless of age, race, belief etc. It is time to engulf on an exciting journey of self-discovery and realisation to understand our essence, blocks, traumas, challenges, and obviously potential, to answer the question 'who am I deep down'. Bottom line is we all have the right and potential to be free and detach oursleves from all the toxic pre-programming in this world (ego and superego illusions), but we must each individually rise to the challenge.

"Self-Actualization is us connecting with our soul, living our lives the way it was meant for us."

Niklas Christides

The UNIQU self-actualization and empowerment concept challenges you in a constructive and gentle way to challenge yourself, you perceptions and attitudes towards life, the environment, nature, energy and in particular change. Our aim is to help the people of the world shift their level of awareness and vibration, and ultimately strengthen their connectivity to theur soul, and thereby realize what their true earthly path and mission is.

We are all here for a reason (and no, that reason is not about entering into servitude of others society, states, employers, family, friends ...) to accomplish what our souls have planned for us on our *The Life Experience journey. 

SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life Theory

The UNIQU concept is based on SOULFLOW theory, through which we aim to open minds to encounter and understand our journey on earth and the different dimensions of our being. The physical and spiritual world is a holistic playground and in order to understand it at a deeper level it cannot be approached as a fragment of parts, as is generally the case with science, which is extremely restrictive due to the lack of connectivity and context. 

"Life is energy and the source of all knowledge and experiences. Energy carries the mark of the past, present and future, it is universal, it is eternal."

Niklas Christides

Using mythology and ancient knowledge to better understand the world

We use references to mythology, tradition and ancient knowhow in a creative way to help explain and conceptualize some of the more challenging aspects of spirituality, which may be difficult to take in. Spirituality is by no means a monster or a conspiracy theory, it is our inheritance and that is why every human being can grow spiritually and holistically when facing oneself.

Self-actualization is very healthy although it often feels heavy at first, because we have been narrowminded for so long. Embracing the spiritual side of life has the ability to free us from all the locks, blocks and illusions created by the ego, as well as the negative karma that limits our relationship to nature, quality of life, and general ability to process and perceive information holistically.

"Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not."

Deepak Chopra

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are."

Carl Jung

The spiritual world is and should be perceived as a gift, and when that world is accessed, one may realise that all the need to identify and associate oneself with worldly things, ideals, and its many limitations restricts ones being, which is when we can fully start to work on detachment and in time realising that freedom is our birthright.

UNIQU Trainers

"You have to self-reflect. If you forget who you actually are, then what's the use of even looking in the mirror."

Lil Wayne

Interested in tailored UNIQU training for groups and businesses?

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Change Your Future Today | Become a UNIQU Trainer

1) Mastermind Trainer Program (Learning)

The UNIQU Mastermind Trainer Program (MTP) ensures our partners learn to understand and identify themselves with, as well as integrate, the SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life concept into their coaching and service offering.

2) Service Quality Extension (Integration)

Being a Certified UNIQU Partner allows you to increase your service quality, how? The SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life model is a constructive extension to your coaching or service offering that promotes organic self-actualization and personal growth.

3) Champion Organic Evolution (Impact)

Being a UNIQU Partner makes you an enabler of organic evolution on planet earth. You inspire people to heal themselves through self-actualization, hence you help spread the light and trigger collective healing.

If we feel you meet our readiness standards the Certification Training is provided free and delivered remotely.

First 6 month trainer licence is free to get you started and try out the concept, after that, if you feel that UNIQU solutions work for you our trainer licence costs 90 euro (incl VAT) per year, which includes two group trainer refresher sessions per year, where we share latest insights. Half of the licence funds will be allocated towards continuous development of SOULFLOW Tree-OF-Life concept.