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Building and restoration solutions with passion

We build, we fix, we innovate, we create

We love to take on new building and restoration challenges, as working with all kinds materials is so rewarding and reminds us that we should keep learning to understand the world and nature. We are also keen to re-use old or second hand materials and can even include sourcing of such to the project. When building is fun and inspirational the most amazing results can be achieved, and as a result such creation will bring you joy for many days to come.

"Truly creative people care a little about what they have done, and a lot about what they are doing."

Alan Cohen

Smaller Building Projects

When you are looking for a creative building solution in the house, garden or office...

Restoration & Renewal

When you are looking for a face lift or something old and worn out that needs fixing and restoring...

Creative Building Design

Creativity is in our blood, and it will show in the design, in the build, and in the finish...

Let us know what you have in mind...

Pricelist & Quotation Request

Project Planning & Design

Hourly rate (incl VAT 24%)

12 euro

Building & Restoration Off-site

Hourly rate (incl VAT 24%)

18 euro

Building & Restoration On-site

Hourly rate (incl VAT 24%)

24 euro

Materials Sourcing

Subject to agreement



Transport Costs

Subject to agreement



Note! Detailed ideas, plans, as well as pictures makes it easier for us to review the project and discuss requirements with our contractors, which speeds up the quotation process.

We generally only contract skilful, passionate and authentic people who enjoy building and have the necessary creativity to come up with state of the art affordable solutions.