MyLife | Vitality Lodge

Transform and transcend your travel experience

Transform and transcend your travel experience

In simple terms we aim to create the most authentic lodging concept with organic- and eco-theme out there. The idea is that we find suitable locations for our Pop-up Vitality Lodges, which features authentic and high quality accommodation, restaurant, bar, sauna, and Adventures activities.

We generally operate at any one location for around 3 months at the time.

The Experience

Creating a positive unforgettable experience is key, it is what we specialise in and it is something we are very proud of.

Harmony & Balance

What makes the stay with us special? Well, in simple terms we strive to create harmony and balance, and this means we do not rush or focus on service solely, we aim to be our authentic selves whilst running the concept. This means we seek to enjoy the same things as our guests, and why is this important, because when we, the organisers enjoy ourselves we bring happiness and a positive open atmosphere to the experience.

Focus On Authenticity

Staying authentic is also the main reason why our Pop-up Vitality Lodge projects are restricted in size. Scaling of the concept would mean that the teams running the lodges would becomes too big and laboursome to manage, which in turn would increase the risk of loosing some or much of the authenticity. Size also drives commerce, meaning the projects would becomes commercially driven, which is not something we want at all.

Something Different

It is important that our potential customers understand that this experience is different, and that we do things in a different way, it is part of the beauty, but might not work for people expecting a 'hotel' like experience. The upside is that we genuinely want to get to know our customers, interact with them and have a good time, because we love to meet new people and get to know different cultures.

Passion & Soul

We do everything from and with passion. One of our main philosophies of our founders is that 'if there is no passion, we do not do it', we do not even consider starting a project without passion, what would be the point. Passion is what connects the dots, it is what gives things soul and when soul is present it will be present in everything, food, the drinks, the adventure, and it is magical and inspiring.

Organic Fusion Kitchen Menu

Our artisan chefs will be responsible for running the kitchen and bar, which means you can expect some stunning taste experiences. Our menu is split into

The OFK Sorcerers Gift Menu, a unchanged seasonal menu, which you can familiarise yourselves with in advance.

Both menus do contain some vegetarian options. Note that we always aim to work with highest quality ingredients. Special menu request may be considered, but we do not promise anything, so for people with allergies and food consumption constraints it might be worth considering a different provider.

Awesome On-site Adventures

Our MyLife Adventures service offers at least one daily activity, which is designed to be fun and enhance life skills and knowledge. Activties include: